COVID-19 Research Virtual Town Hall

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 COVID-19 Research Virtual Town Hall

The School of Medicine and the Office of Research at UC Davis co-host a weekly virtual town hall meeting on Fridays from 10:30 -11:30 am.

The meeting is moderated by Dean Allison Brashear and Vice Chancellor Prasant Mohapatra.

We are extending an invitation to UC Davis researchers from all disciplines working on research related to COVID-19.

The weekly meetings will address issues related to acute trials, immunity studies, understanding the mechanisms, and other issues while examining: Where we are now? Where we will be next (1-3 months)? What about the near future (beyond 6 months)?

Opportunities for collaborations and exploration of funding will be also discussed.

This virtual town hall will take place through a password protected Zoom teleconference to prevent a zoom bombing.  For the information regarding access to this event, please join the COVID-19 research listserv.