Requesting Specimens

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Biorepository is managing specimens obtained from COVID-19 patients.  The COVID-19 Data and Specimen Stewardship Committee has issued the following procedure regarding request/access to specimens.  Please note there is a specimen fee for accessing samples and data stored by the Pathology Biorepository. The fee is for the staff time for pulling and/or processing the data/samples before release.

Procedure (also found here as a .pdf):

Step 1. Describe your proposed study using the COVID-19 study proposal template. Follow instructions on the template.  This project scoring sheet may help you align your request with the intentions of the committee.

Step 2. Fill out and submit to the Pathology Clinical Research Oversight Committee.

Step 3. Questions and Follow-Up from Pathology.  Questions related to your application can be sent to; pathology may also contact you for clarification.  If no clarification is required, the application is then submitted to the COVID-19 DS Stewardship Committee.

If study is approved you will then be connected to the biorepository to submit your request for samples and/or data.  Please note that studies needing additional laboratory testing will also require Pathology Clinical Research Oversight Committee (CROC) Review.

For additional questions, please review this FAQ document.  If the answer you seek is not found there, please contact