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Safely conducting essential research in the face of COVID-19

Staying at home is not an option for scientists working on potential vaccines or caring for research animals. John Morrison, director of the California National Primate Research Center at UC Davis, is one of four scientists interviewed in this Nature article about the precautionary measures necessary to continue essential research in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Here’s what happens to science when California’s researchers shelter in place

As California officials desperately try to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, Chris Miller is coaxing a sample of the virus to grow in a secure laboratory at UC Davis. Working in a laboratory nestled inside containment rooms and cut off from the world by filters, scientists dressed in space suit-like protective gear are feeding cells to a virus isolated from a COVID-19 patient at UC Davis Medical Center.

Coronavirus Researchers Are Using High-Tech Methods to Predict Where the Virus Might Go Next

Jonna Mazet, DVM, MPVM, PhD, a Professor of Epidemiology and Disease Ecology and Executive Director of the One Health Institute in the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, is quoted in this Time magazine article predicting where the novel coronavirus might appear next — and even potentially sound the alarm before other new, potentially threatening viruses become public health crises.